The PRESTISEPT product is suitable for hand washing and hygiene. The product is recommended for use in hygiene in the field of public food, food industry, etc. and generally in areas of activity where stringent hygiene rules are required.

Chlorhexidine 4%

Biocidal activity:
Bactericide according to NF EN 1500, 3ml undiluted for 30 seconds twice and according to SR EN 1276 undiluted for 5 minutes. Fungicide and levuricide according to SR EN 1275 undiluted for 5 min. Surgical level disinfection according to EN 12791, 5ml undiluted for 1.5min twice.

Way of ussage:
Apply 2 x 3 ml (6 ml) to the palms, then rub one to another for at least one minute until a dense and uniform foam is obtained. Then rinse with plenty of water and dry.

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