Desinfecting detergent recommended for washing, disinfecting and deodorizing surfaces: pavements, medical instruments, laboratory glassware, porcelain, ceramic tiles, faience, ustensils, working surfaces in the food industry, etc.

Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C8-18-alkyldimethyl, 4% chlorides, monohydrochloride Polyhexamethylene biguanide 0.4%, nonionic surfactants 5% and 15%, cationic surfactants <5%, excipients.

Biocidal activity:
Dilute the concentrate to water. The 0.25% solution is Bactericidal, according to SR EN 1040 and EN 1276 at 5 min. in clean and dirty conditions. The diluted product at 1% is Fungicide according to SR EN 1275 and EN1650 under conditions of cleaning and dirt for 15 minutes. Virucid 0.25% according to EN 14476 at 60 min (Human Herpes Virus1). Microbactericide and 2% tuberculocide according to SR EN 14348 for Mycobacterium Terrae and Mycobacterium Avium at 15 and 90 min respectively.

Method of use:
A dilution of 0.25-2% is recommended with tap water prior used to wash the surfaces.

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