The iodine antiseptic product, IODINE T, is used as such on the skin by wiping or dressing, for 1 minute action.

PVP 10% Iodine, Emulsifier, pH Regulators, Glycerin, Stabilizer, Purified Water.

Biocidal activity:
Bactericide according to EN 1500 per 1 minute and according to EN 1276 in 5 minutes cleaning and dirt conditions. Product fungicide and levuricide according to EN 1275 at 1 minute. Surgical level according to EN 12791, 5ml undiluted for 1.5min twice.

Way of ussage:
Apply the product (approx 2ml) on the skin directly or with a cotton swab. Leave at least 1min. No rinse is required. Iodine staining is temporary and disappears by washing with water and soap.

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