The HEXID product is used for hygienic and circular disinfection of hands by rubbing. It is suitable for the disinfection of the hands of hospital staff, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, the hands of students and employees, the hands of people in moving.

0.5% Chlorhexidine, 36% Ethanol, 24% Isopropanol, Glycerin, Water.

Biocidal activity:
Bactericide according to NF EN 1500, 3ml undiluted for 30 seconds twice and according to SR EN 1276 undiluted for 1 min. Fungicide according to SR EN 1275 undiluted for 1 min. Virucide according to EN 14476 + A1 for 1min. Mycobactericide and tuberculocid according to EN14348, for 1min. Chirurgical disinfectant according to EN 12791, 3ml undiluted for 90 seconds twice.

Way of ussage:
It is used as such, undiluted. For hand hygiene disinfection, it is recommended that 3 ml of the product be massaged for 30 seconds; the procedure is repeated twice. For hand circulating disinfection, 3 ml of the product is used to massage your hands for 90 seconds; the procedure is repeated twice.

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