CLOROM tablets are chlorinated disinfectants for contaminated surfaces and objects: pavements, medical supplies, sponges, lingerie, ustensils, laboratory ustensils, toilets, wells, swimming pools, etc. The CLOROM tablets can be fragrant and non-perfumed. The product is also certified TP4 for use in the food industry.

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate 77.14%, effervescent factors.
One tablet releases 1.5 grams of active chlorine.

Biocidal activity:
Put a Clorom tablet in 5L of water, the obtained solution has a bactericidal activity according to SREN 1040 and SREN 1276, fungicidal activity according to SREN 1275 and SREN 1650, micobactericity avidity and tuberculosis according to SREN 14348 under conditions of cleaning and dirt. One 3-liter water tablet shows virucidal activity according to SREN 14476 – polio and adenovirus and sporicidal activity according to SREN 13704, subtilis bacillus and cereus bacillus.

Way of ussage:
Dissolve one tablet in 3, 5 or 10 liters of water and apply to the surfaces to be treated.

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