Disinfectant wipes for surfaces are used to wipe surfaces. BIONET S wet napkins can be used for fast surface disinfection in medical, hospital or industrial environments. Applies directly to the work surface, chairs, tables, furniture or medical equipment, doesn’t require rinsing. To avoid evaporation of the product, it is advisable to seal the packaging immediately after use. It is not recommended for skin cleansing.

Biocide TP2 product. Bactericide according to SR EN 1276 undiluted for 1 min. Fungicide according to SR EN 1275 undiluted for 1 min. Microbactericide according to EN 14348, undiluted for 1min. Virulicide according to SR EN 14476 as such (undiluted) after a 1 minute contact time at 20 ° C for Adenovirus and Poliovirus.

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