BIONET PAA product is suitable for cleaning and high-level disinfection of endoscopes, medical, dental and diagnostic instruments.

Sodium percarbonate and tetraacetylethylenediamine powder generating in situ Peracetic Acid (4g / L) by dilution in water 20g / L. Corrosion inhibitors.

Prior to final disinfection, it is advisable to clean the instrumentation in advance to remove organic residues. For this purpose either Desogerm 3A Net or a reduced bio-PAA dose (10g to 1L Water – 1%) can be used to immerse the instruments, after which the deep bodies are cleaned by brushing and irrigation. Rinse the instrument with water from the grid before proceeding to final disinfection. For the final disinfection, 20 grams of powder (approximately one rack dispenser) is dissolved in 1 L of warm water (2%), thus obtaining a solution that contains peracid 4 g / L (4000 ppm). Stir well until complete powder solubilization. Immerse the instrument cleaned in advance for at least 30 minutes. Irrigating deep bodies. Rinse instruments with sterile water. The 2% work solution, under clean conditions, has a high-level disinfectant effect over 48 hours.

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