NORDIC CHEMICALS has the honor to be since 18 years the supplier of the products manufactured by MercK KGaA Germany, Alfa Aesar USA-Germany, Bochem Germany, Vitlab Germany, Schott-Duran Germany and  other international companies.

NORDIC CHEMICALS has enviroment authorization and ISO certificate.

The offers of high quality products, the honesty approach and seriosity to customer relationship, the very well developed logistics system have made our company always in the top of the suppliers of products for laboratories, research and industry.

Range of products offered:

  • laboratory reagents
  • culture media
  • chemicals of the highest purity or technical grade
  • laboratory glassware of borosilicate and polypropylene glass, porcelain products
  • laboratory equipment and  laboratory consumable, instruments
  • filter paper for laboratory and industry
  • general use desinfectants


Range of services offered:

  • transport of hazardous products, precursors, toxic and special products
  • general cargo transport
  • the safety data sheets for purchased products

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